1008 Kund Yagna - Gurukul Surat

Ritual of Yagna is a regular part of Gurukul tradition. At Gurukul Surat, Yagna is being performed on daily base. In addition to this on 03 June, 2007 a 1008 Kund Yagna was performed under the guidance of Sadguru Purani Shree Dharmavallabhdasji Swami. Big Yagna Shala was prepared in the ‘Shreenidhi farm’ of Shree Bhikhabhai Sutariya.           
Saints & Devotees : towards Yagna-Shala with 25 flames
Saints : Initial Poojan and offering Ahuties
On June 03, morning 07.00 am along with Palakhi-Yatra of Thakorji and 25 flames of Arati from Rampura Temple, Vadatal Temple and Gurukul, saints and devotees performed the Pradakshina of Yagna-shala. At 08.30 am Ganesh-poojan and Mahapoojan were started. At 11:00 am holy Agni was kindled in 1008 Yagna-kunds with the flames of Arati. Ahuties were offered with the recitation of Purush-sukta and Janmangal Mantras. With leisure time from 12:00 noon to 02:00 pm, Yagna was continued up to 06:30 pm.
Participents offering Ahutis in huge Yagna-shala
Along with 3365 Yajmans, saints and Sankhya-Yogies were also participated in this Yagna ceremony. In all 01,67,84,768 Ahuties were offered. In the end, saints performed the Avabhruth Snan in the holy river Tapi. Thousands of devotees took the privilege of the holy Darshan of 1008 Kund Yagna and Prasad.
At the end, Sadguru Mahant Swami Shree Devkrishnadasji Swami blessed all participants.
Poornahuti Arati Offering last Ahuti (Bidu)
In this Yagna, Shree Bhikhabhai Sutariya, Shree Vanubhai Sutariya, Shree Jasubhai Golakiya, Shree Sureshbhai Mangaroliya, Shree Laljibhai Patel, Shree Tulsibhai Goti, Shree Dayalbhai Goti, Shree Jerambhai Virani, Shree Ghanshyambhai Rakholiya etc had participated as chief Yajmans.
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