15th Punya Tithi of Shree Shastriji Maharaj

18th February, 2003 Maha Vad Bij , was the 15 th Punyatithi of H.H. Shastriji Maharaj. Gurukul family celebrated it with great devotion. As to accomplish Bhajan and inspire other to perform Bhajan was the life message of Pujyapad Shastriji Maharaj and there by of Gurukul, in the divine memory of beloved Gurudev Saints, Students and Satsangis celebrated it with great tide of devotion. At Gurukul and all branches along with satsang centres various sorts of bhajan were performed very enthusiastically.
Shreedhar Mahavishnu Yag
Yajna – symbol of sacrifice and Vedic ritual for welfare of living beings. One of the names of Lord Swaminarayan is AHIMSAYAJNAPRASTOTA means propagator of Vedic Yajna without any kind of violence. He had performed great yajna Jetalpur, Dabhan and other places. In the same tradition Pujyapad Shastriji Maharaj have preserved and propagated the ritual of Yajna established by Shreeji Maharaj through sequence of big Yajnas. Presently on the occasion of 15th Punyatithi of H.H. Shastriji Maharaj a marvellous Shreedhar Mahavishnu Yag was performed at Gurukul Rajkot by Pujya Purani Swami Shree Bhaktiprakashdasji Swami as a Purshcharan of Janmangal Stotra path. Starting from 17th to 21st of February 2003. Saints, students and satsangies offered the Ahuties in very delightful and devotional environment of this Maha-yajna.
For that one main Yajna-kund along with other fifteen additional kunds was created in Lotus shape. On all Vedicas 51,60,000 Ahuties were offered with eleven Path of Sarvamangal Stotra, eleven Path of Vishnusahasra Namavali, 108 path of Janmangal Stotra and Purushsukta each. Shree Ganshyambhai C. Vaghasia (USA) took benefit as a Yajman of this Mahavishnu Yag.  
At Gurukul Rajkot on the day of Punyatithi, Yajnopavit Sanskar to Brahmin children was arranged. 22 Brahmin children took benefit of this religious ritual. Acceptance of Yajnnopavit (janoi) is one of major sanskar nowadays especially in Brahmins. Relatives of participants were also present and in holy atmosphere of Yajna – Mahavishnuyag all the rituals were performed according to Scriptures. Parents and relatives expressed the feeling of great satisfaction and pleasure towards Gurukul. 
At Rajkot Gurukul saints and students performed Bhajan as…
Dandvat        50,750
Pradkshina    21,020
Mala             8,631
Janmangal stotra Path    5,11,111
Path of the scriptures and sacred books 
        Scripture           No. of  path
01] Satsangijivan              2
02] Vachanamrut             15
03] Shikshapatri               212
04] Nishkulanand Kavya  5
05] Bhaktchintamani        15
06] Shikshapatri Adhyayan   5
07] Swamini Vato           21
08] Upadeshamrut          10
09] Sdg. Gopalanand Swamini Vato       15
10] Sdg. Bhayatmanand Swamini Vato   15
11] Harililamrut              1
12] Shreemad Bhagawat Gita          40
13] Sdg. Dharmajivandasji Swami   10
14] Vidurniti                    40
15] Ekadashi Mahatmya  5
16] Sarvamangal stotra    50
17] Vishnusahastranam    75
18] Hanuman Chalisa      1500
Incessant Bhajan on the day of punyatithi
Mantra lekhan   15 hours
Dhoon               15 hours
Mala                  15 hours
Pradakshina       15 hours
At Gurukul Junagadh students and saints performed Mantrajap, Mantralekhan 
Mantrajap             31,78,188
Mantra lekhan         5,10,720 
Dandvat                  2,00,525
Pradkshina              24,593
Mala                       8,551
Janmangal Path       8,266
At Gurukul Ahmedabad students of collage have stared the Bhajan since couple of week and performed greatest status in Bhajan.
Manta lekhan         19,47,600  (1,714 hours)
Dandavat               3,40,000
Pradakshina           88,000
Janmangal path      37,000
Mala                     17,500
Besides this, as a social activity a blood camp was also arranged in which saints students and Haribhaktas participated and about 100 bottles of blood was collected.
Gurukul Surat had arranged three special assemblies at city area, Ashwinikumar and Varachha road.Moreover at Gurukul saints and students Mantralekhan and dandavt
Dandavat                 2,88,111
Vachanamrut Path  10
Mantar lekhan         25 books
Incessant Mantra Lekhan    24 hours (by saitns)
Incessant Mantra Lekhan    24 hours (by students)
At Gurukul Hyderabad saints and multi-regional students performed Bhajan very enthusiastically.
In the assembly Pujya Devprasaddasji Swami encouraged and blessed them.
At Gurukul Chharodi first batch of English medium and also students of Sanskrit Pathshala performed Bhajan.
Dandavat                     1,12,000
Pradakshina                   33,000
Mala                              18,000
Janmangal Stotra            3,530
Vachanamrut Path          5
Incessant Mantra lekah  12 hours 
At Navasari centre saints and haribhaktas preformed incessant Dhoon and Mantra lekhah for 24 hours. 
At Gurukul Taravada students of first batch of PTC College performed Bhajan and a special assembly was held.
At Mumbai also Mahapooja and Bhajan were performed by saints and Haribhaktas.
At Gurukul and branches Sdg. Mahant Swami Shree Devkrishnadasji Swami and elder saints encouraged the students with worth prizes and blessed them heartily.
Click * for Blessings of Sdg. Mahant Swami Shree Devkrishnadasji Swami.  

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