2nd Hindu Jewish Summit - Jerusalwm, Israel ( 17 to 20 Feb -2008)

Spiritual congregation of Acharyas of Hindu Religion and Leaders of Jewish Religion at Jerusalem (Israel)
There is similarity in many ways between two ancient religions i.e.  Hinduism and Judaism. If these two religions come close together then a great inspirational force will generate to establish the world peace. With this intention, the second congregation of Hindu and Jewish leaders was organised by the chief Rabbinate (Jewish religious parliament) of Israel in cooperation with ‘World Council of Religious Leaders’ and American Jews Committee.
In this congregation, HH Shree Parmatmanand Saraswatiji (leader of Hindu Dharm Acharya, Arsh Vidya Mandir, Rajkot), Sadguru Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami (Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul), Mahamandleshwar Shree Avdheshanandji (Juna Akhada, Ambala, Hariyana), Mahamandleshwar Shree Visheshwaranandji (Sanyas Ashram, Haridwar & Mumbai), Mahamandleshwar Shree Samvidanandji (Kailashdham, Nasik), Swami Shree Chidanandaji – Muniji (Parmarth Niketan, Rushikesh), Mr. Bava Jain (Secretary, World Council of Religious leaders) and other eminent spiritual personalities from various states of India had taken part.
Chief Rabbi David Rosen (Chairman, International Jews Committee) gave a warm welcome to representatives of Hindu Dharm Acharya Sabha. Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar and Chief Rabbi Yonah Metzger attended the various programmes and made these gatherings very memorable. Mr. Oded Wiener (Director General, Chief Rabbinate) had also taken very active part in this congregation.
In this gathering, various topics such as traditions, festivals, philosophy, similarities of both the religions were discussed.
Mainly, the shadows of doubt related to Hindu religion were eradicated by appealing conversations. The open talks were conducted which was related to sign of Swastik and idol worship.
Discussions related to traditions, almanac, fiestas and future challenges were held in detail and ways to cultivate the values of life in new generation were discussed.
On this occasion the foreign state minister Mr. M.K. Mazali, Mr. Ishaq, the minister of tourism and Prime Minister had done the meeting of goodwill at Parliament House of Israel. In this Parliament the Hindu representatives were cordially welcomed.
The president of Israel Mr. Shimon Peers had welcomed the Hindu representatives in the House of President and he expressed his pleasure while remembering the bonds of friendship between India and Israel. He also expressed his wish of strengthening the relation between the citizens of these two great countries.
This religious congregation was held at Jerusalem and also at various places such as Carmel, Haifa etc. The Mayors as well as the representatives of Arabians, Christians, Druses, Muslim, Bahai etc had extended their cordial welcome to the Acharyas of Hindu religion. They expressed their wish for both countries for coming closer for perfect amity and conversed informally in a healthy atmosphere.
The secretary of Hindu Dharma Acharya sabha, Swami Parmatmanand Sarswatiji elucidated the topic of Swastik and idol worship. He emphasised that Hindus also believe in one God. The Almighty God is one only but He manifests in various forms. The difference between Hitler’s Swastik and Hindu’s Swastik is as good as the distinction between Sky and Earth. Hindus have adopted the sign of Swastik as a pious emblem since time immemorial and in this the feeling of the welfare of world is the main objective. Hitler had done the misuse of Swastik. Rather the shape of his Swastik is also different. The theory of Aryans and Dravidians was created evilly to divide the country.
In this gathering Pujya Madhavpriyadasji Swami told that, both the religions of Judaism and Hinduism are ancient and the relations with Jews are very amicable and cordial in India. When King Solomon built the House of worship the gold was imported from India. Therefore, the commercial relation of India and Israel is very cordial and friendly since the old time. The heart melts when we hear the tortures borne by the Jews.  However, the wonderful flowers of love, patriotism and valor bloomed in the painful forest of agony. The great challenge in front of us is of ‘fostering the traditional and cultural values in our citizens’. For that we have to increase the numbers of those schools to whom we call GURUKUL for the value based education.
The Mahamandleshwar Shree Avdheshanandji expressed his wish to create the atmosphere of peace and harmony for the citizens of these two countries.
The Chief Rabbi Yonah Metzger and Shlomo Amar said that our misunderstanding about Hindu religion has been wiped out from the minds because of our healthy conversations. When Jews were tortured from all quarters of the glob then they got love and cooperation from India only.
At the last, the representatives of Hindu religion emphasised that wherever there is the misinterpretation for the Hindu religion and Hindu culture at that place the problems have been cropped up among the religions. Therefore, whatever the literature about Hinduism is going to be written it should be centrally approved by the apex body of Acharyas of Hindu religion only. The Rabbinate of Jewish religion had accepted this resolution.
The erudite scholars of Hindu religion belonging to Hindu Dharm Acharya Sabha presented their articles with essential evidences that held everyone spellbound.
All these arrangements of congregation were materialised by the efforts and blessings of Chief of Hindu Dharm Acharya Sabha Swami Shree Dayanand Sarswatiji, in-charge of International Jewish committee Chief Rabbi David Rosen, director general of Rabbinate Mr. Oded Wiener and secretary of World Council of Religion Mr. Bawa Jain.
Some of the affirmations which were reached during this congregation are…..
1) In the interest of promoting the correct understanding of Judaism, Hinduism and their histories, it was agreed that textbooks and reference material might be prepared in consultation with the scholars’ group under the aegis of this Summit.
2) Central to the Jewish and Hindu worldview is the concept of the sanctity of life, above all the human person.
3) It is recognised that the One Supreme Being GOD, has been worshipped by Hindus over the millennia. This does not mean that Hindus worship many ‘Gods and idols’. The Hindu relates to only the One Supreme Being when he/she prays to a particular manifestation.
4) Mutual understanding and information about the real meanings behind the various religious festivals of both the communities.
5) As the two oldest religious traditions of the world Hindu and Jewish, may consider jointly appealing religions in the worlds to recognise that all religions are sacred and valid for their respective people.
6) Ayans/Hindus are the indigenous/natives of India. There is no conclusive evidence to support the theory of migration of Hindus into India, and on the contrary there is compelling evidence to refute it a call for a serious reconsideration of this theory and a revision of all educational materials
7) And many more …..
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