3rd Hindu-Jewish Leadership Summit, US

June 14-16, 2009
One more significant step towards harmony between two ancient religions, Hindu and Jewish, to grant the peace to the world, was came to shape as 3rd Hindu Jewish Leadership Summit at New York and Washington DC, US. The summit was organised by World Council Of Religious Leaders (WCORL) in cooperation with American Jewish Committee (AJC) and Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha, India.
During June 14 to16, 2009 conference was held among the spiritual leaders of both the religions in very pleasant atmosphere.
HH Avdheshanandji Maharaj, Swami Parmatmanandji (Arsh Vidya Mandir), HH Krishnamaniji Maharaj, Jamnagar, Sadguru Shastri Madhavpriyadasji Swami, HH Viditatmanandji Maharaj and other representatives of Hindu religion participated in this summit. Rabbi David Rosen (Director, AJC), Rabbi David Rousso, Rabbi Gary Greenebaum, Rabbi Noam (Director of Interreligous Affairs AJC) and Rabbi Maurice along with other Jewish representatives took part in the summit.
Mr. Bawa Jain (Secretary, WCORL) and Rabbi David Rosen encored the entire summit.
Several utilitarian objectives were carried out with mutual understanding and brotherhood.
In the key-note speech Shastri Madhavpriyadasji emphasized on the motivation of youth in the true direction of spirituality and science.  Only mine is the great, causes the belligerence in the field of religions. Dharmacharyas should come together with harmonica and equality nature.
At the Conference : Rabbi David Rosen, David Rousso, Bawa Jain, Swami Avdeshanandji, Swami Parmatamandji, Professor Nathan Katz, and Swami Madhavpridasji.
Speech by Swamiji to AJC
Group Photo of Hindu delegation
Swamiji with Rabbi Gary Greenebaum and Rabbi Noam (Director of Interreligous Affairs AJC)
Swamiji with Ambassador Bahji Mansar from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Shiva (trustee of Vishnu Shiva Temple)
AJC Director Rabbi David Rosen, Pujya Krushnamaniji Maharaj
Ronald Wiener (Senior Adviser WCORL)  and Rabbi David
Swamiji with Professor Nathan Katz
With Rabbi Maurice, at the Oldest Synagogue in New York
Hindu delegation with Bawa Jain (Secretary, World Religious Council)
Hindu delegates with Rabbi reading the Torah (Spiritual scripture of Jewish)
Swamiji With Torah (Spiritual Scripture of Jewish)
Hindu Delegates besides the Arc of the Torah
Swamiji with Paul Monteiro; Laison on Religion, White House
Swami at Capitol building with devotee from ISCON
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