44th Brahmsatra - Gurukul Rajkot ( 12 to 17 Aug.-2006)

Needless to say, to usher the seekers into the path of ultimate redemption,
Sadguru Shastriji Maharaj Shree Dharmajivandasji Swami started
the tradition of Brahmsatra at Gurukul Rajkot.

In this tradition 44th Brahmsatra was performed from 12 August to 17 August, 2006. Along with various spiritual events, Anushthan of Bhajan was also arranged as in the current year our beloved and great saint Pujya Jogi Swamiji completed 101 years.

Chaturmas Anusthan - SGVP

‘Chaturmas’ - a period of four months of Monsoon has the special importance in about all religions and Sampradays of India. Usually in all Sampraday this period is considered for the best time for Tapacharya (penance) and Anushthan (recitation) of various religious activities.

Scientifically and physically also during this time of monsoon, digestive power of the body becomes lower than other seasons. So it is better to have lessened food to keep body well and free from diseases.

Brahmsatra - Rajkot (15 to 21 Aug - 2003)

On this special occasion, Shreemad Bhagavat Saptah Parayan Gyanayagya was organized and Shree Brijeshbhai Rajabhai Lohana of Bombay, had sponsored the Saptah in the memory of A.N. Dadima Ramaben Kamalakant Lohana, A.N. Bhagini Ketkiben Rajabhai Lohana, A.N. Nana Ramchandra Shivdas Thakkar, A.N. Nani Ansuyaben Ramchandra Thakkar and A.N. Kuva Rasiklal Laljibhai Thakkar.