Free Dental Checkup and Denture Camp

With the inspiration from Sadguruvarya Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami, Shree Jogi Swami SGVP Holistic Hospital organized a free Dental Checkup & Denture Camp on 21 January, 2018. With the support of Indian Prosthodontic Society, Gujarat famous dentists and students of Dental Colleges extended their services and more than 300 patients acquired the benefit of this free Dental camp. Moreover 108 needy patients benefited with free supply of dentures.

Free Ayurvedic Therapy Camp (25-26-27 Sep. 2017)

At Shree Jogi Swami SGVP Holistic Hospital, SGVP a free medical camp consisting three kinds of Ayurvedic therapies was held during 25-26-27 September, 2017.
1) Rakta-Mokshan : A blood purification treatment mainly for the patients suffering from skin diseases.
2) Agni-Katma : A quick relief therapy against the pain of joints
3) Shirodhara : A relaxing remedial for sleeplessness and tress

Urological Free Medical Camp Amreli

અખંડ ભગવદ્‌ પરાયણ પૂજ્યપાદ્‌ જોગી સ્વામીની પાવન સ્મૃતિમાં શ્રીસ્વામિનારાયણ ગુરુકુલ વિશ્વવિદ્યા પ્રતિષ્ઠાનમ્‌-છારોડી દ્વારા બી. ટી. સવાણી કીડની હોસ્પિટલ રાજકોટના સહકારથી અમરેલી ખાતે પ્રોસ્ટેટ, પથરી જેવા યુરીનલ રોગો માટેનો નિદાન કેમ્પ યોજવામાં આવ્યો હતો.

NIR Children Camp

It was long awaited by the parents at abroad to arrange for the camp to inculcate the Indian culture and the traditions of Sampraday in the children who born and brought up in foreign countries. Finally with the inspiration of Sadguruvarya Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji swami, a training camp was arranged for the NIR children at SGVP during 01-15, Aug 2011.

Summer Camp ( 01 to 29 May -2010)

     Summer vacation is a time to be freshened up for next academic session. Children love this time to spend it in favourite activities and to learn something gratifying. SGVP had arranged an exciting and educative Summer Camp for boys and girls during the month of May, 2010. It was to provide an opportunity to learn and enjoy adventurous activities conducted by professionals on the world-class playgrounds.