Civil Defense Camp - SGVP

The importance of disaster management has been realized in education to control the damage either man-made or by nature’s fury and also to help the victims and to enhance the will power of citizens. In this context a camp for self-defense has been organized from 21st Nov.’05 to 25th Nov.’05 at SGVP, Chharodi.

In this Camp many necessary things like importance of self-defense, first aid, fire-safety, earthquake and fire extinguishing etc were explained by the help of charts. On first day Sadguru Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami lit up the lamp and asked the students to take the training of civil defense and welfare. The in-charge of civil defense division Police Inspector Mr. Raval, Mr. Vikrambhai G. Mehta and Mr. Jagdishbhai Patel extended their help in giving this training and also for arranging the exam of this training. 90 students of Darshnam Sanskrit Mahavidyalay - SGVP and Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul- Ahmedabad took benefit of this basic civil defense camp.

Visit of Shree Prakashsigh Badal (Hon. ex-chief minister - Panjab)
26 Nov 2005- SGVP

The Hon. ex-chief minister of Panjab Shree Prakashsigh Badal visited SGVP on 26 Nov 2005 with Shree Navinbhai Dave. Pujya Sadguru Purani Shree Balkrishnadasji Swami and students of SGVP offered warm welcome and informed with the various activities of Gurukul.

He was impressed with the excellent services of SGVP towards education and especially for the care of Gau-shala. He was awestruck on observing scientifically organised Gau-shala to serve and develop original Gir breed cow. In his words visit to SGVP was the one of the memorable events of the life.

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