Gurukul International Tour - Gurukul Chharodi (1 to 10 Jun-2004)

Ghanshyam Intrnatinal Educational Tour

In the current age of education, realisation is essential part of a real training. It becomes more effective and easy if student gets knowledge in its natural form and in free atmosphere with entertainment. To make the students of SGVP international School- Gurukul Chharodi familiar with especially oceanic lives, marine prosperity, and isle climate along with some manmade wonders a Ghanshyam International Educational Tour was arranged from 1st June to 10th June, 2004

In this excursion of ten days, three islands – Shrilanka, Malasiya and Singapore were visited by twelve students under the guidance of Chief Rector Shree Kishorbhai Savaliya.

On June 1st, Tour was started from Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport, Mumbai with the first flight to Colombo, the capital city of Shrilanka. Students visited seashore vicinity and few landmarks of the city.

On June 2nd, at noon team started for Kaulalumpur, the capital of Malasiya. They enjoyed some theme park rides.

3rd June: Students visited famous ‘Batu Caves’. In this long and deep structure there are many traditional temples of Indian Deities and Goddesses. Temple of Kartikey and Lord Shiv are more attractive. Here in caves some open to sky places add wonders.

En route students proceeded on a 'guided panoramic city tour' of the  famous landmarks like – the King's Palace, National Monument, National Mosque, Jamed Mosque, Merdek Square, National Museum and the famous 'Petronas Twin  Towers'- the tallest tower in Southeast Asia. It is to take proud for Indians that the Twin Towers are built by an Indian technician. In the dark, beauty of Twin Towers of 88 storeys comes out more attractively with decorative lightings.

Students were stayed at Zeting Highland always with temperature between 10 to 16 Celsius degrees. The only way to go there is cable car. During this ride of 20 minutes underneath sceneries make us to experience a Jungle safari. Statues of wild creature can be seen in their natural actions.

4th - 5th June: students had breakfast at Kaulalumpur and lunch at Singapore and got ready for one of the wonderful experiences of life. A fabulous voyage through Cruise. After lunch students transferred to pier for cruise on board. They had to enjoy for two days on this marvellous cruise.

From the students’ diary…  

‘Cruise is the modern addition of grand Titanic. Our cruise was well equipped with all kinds of facilities and luxuries. Accommodation capacity of it was about 5000 people. There were 800 rooms situated in 13 storeys of the ship. Playing courts, swimming pools, restaurants, entertainment centres, shopping centres, number of varieties in food dishes, etc are the most common features. But we were interested in technological and navigating part of this swimming wonder. On our special request to co-captain they appreciated our curiosity and recommended related staff for the help. They showed navigating systems in main control room and explained the technology behind that. It was really surprising and we were greatly astonished with it. It was an ever memorable occasion in our life. We thanked Gurukul and Saints to provide this great opportunity in student life’.

Students spared two days on cruise in acquiring knowledge and in enjoying natural climate of ocean with wonderful equatorial sceneries.

6th June: Students arrived at Singapore port. Again students started for one more salient feature of the tour - the visit of Sentosa Island with Underwater World. En route, there was a visit of Wax Museum representing ancient life and culture of the island. They enjoyed breathtaking monorail ride also. Underwater World is a state-of-the-art leisure and educational attraction showcasing the rich variety of marine life found around the region. It is one of Asia's most popular oceanarium. Students got familiar with varieties of underwater lives. They observed world of marine flora and fauna. Students then were taken on a 'voyage to the bottom of the Sea', with shallow rock pools at the water's edge. From here they started descent, passing bright colour corals and all types of exotic ocean- dwellers along the way. They also came to a spectacular 83-metre-long acrylic tunnel, home to great shoals of fish, prowling predators and a host of other creatures that inhabit the ocean depths.

From the students’ diary…

‘It was never before such knowledge with fun. Simply Thanks a lot.’

7th June:

Students proceeded on city tour along swinging Orchrd Road with its exciting mix of luxurious hotels, restaurants & shopping centres. They visited the city's colonial heritage in all its splendour with a drive past Parliament house & the imposing Supreme Court & City Hall. They also visited fascinating Chinatown where temples & traditional shop houses retain the Chinese character. Lastly, captured a bird's eye view of the world's busiest port from Mt. Faber.

8th June:

In the morning students were tripped for a Discovery Centre. This place is for the exposition of various kinds of weapons and military hardware utilising in war. In the evening there was a visit of the famous Night Safari where students watched the animals in their natural habitat.

9th June:

Students started for Shilanka from Singapore airport. In return students got experience to clear custom on all three international airports themselves. They used three kinds of currencies. Once again they spend a day on seashore of Shrilanka.

10th June:

Students arrived at Mumbai after visiting three islands and having lots of things to tell and explain.

From the students’ diary…

‘We did not know that this tour can be such an informative and full of amusement. There are no words to expose what we acquired in this tour. Planning and management was highly appreciable. There are no words even for saints and Gurukul to say except thanks a lot and Jay Shree Swaminarayan. Simply saying……. waiting for next tour’.

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