NIR Children Camp

It was long awaited by the parents at abroad to arrange for the camp to inculcate the Indian culture and the traditions of Sampraday in the children who born and brought up in foreign countries. Finally with the inspiration of Sadguruvarya Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji swami, a training camp was arranged for the NIR children at SGVP during 01-15, Aug 2011.
During the camp participants learned morning Pooja, prayers, Meditation and also to read and write Gujarati language. In the another phase of the camp children enjoyed the training in games like cricket, Football, Basketball, Swimming, horse riding and other outdoor games as per their interest and choice.
One more phase of the camp was the visit of religious and historic places with the explanation of importance of such heritage sites in culture as well as in human and social life.
Words of discussion with Sadguruvarya Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji swami and other saints was the memorable session for all participants.
In this camp of two weeks, along with saints Shree Govindbhai Kerai, Shree Dineshbhai Hirani, Shree Rameshbhai hirani and Shree Vijaybhai Hirani escorted to get the camp with its most outcomes.
Children from UK, Seychelles, South Africa and Kenya exclaimed with the experience of lifestyle with the spiritual touch of Indian culture. In their opinion this was the first time in their life to experience and enjoy the India and traditions so nearly and clearly. With this endeavor of saints they acquired the practical knowledge precisely in very easy and tripping way.

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