Prarthna Bhavan Udghatan Mahotsav - SGVP, Ahmedabad (09 to 13 Feb.-2015)

09th Feb, 05

  • Murti Pratishtha Yajna
  • Dhun - Mantralekhan          
  • Chaturved Parayan          
  • Ayurvedic Exhibition         
  • Pothi Yatra       
  • SGVP Entrance Inauguration          
  • Mahotsav Inauguration      
  • Satsangi Katha

10th Feb, 05

  • Arani Manthan      
  • Shree Hari Maha Pooja  
  • Katha & Vyakhyan Mala       
  • Vimochan Vidhi

11th Feb, 05

  • Shree Mahavishnu Yag 
  • Yagnopavit Sanskar          
  • Mahila Manch          
  • Study Hall Inauguration          
  • Katha & Vyakhyan Mala

12th Feb, 05

  • Ayurved Treatment Camp
  • Neurology Camp
  • Blessings          
  • Nagar Yatra  
  • Katha & Vyakhyan Mala  
  • Cultural Programmes

13th Feb, 05

  • Pratishtha Vidhi
  • Abhishek Darshan
  • Pratishtha Arati
  • Annakut Darshan  
  • Mahavishnu Yag Purnahuti


The foundation of SGVP is based on three pillars - Science, Sports and Spirituality. The students of Gurukul perform Pooja and Darshan to strengthen, a sense of spirituality. As the strength of the students increasing, there was a requisite need of Prayer Hall – Prarthna Bhavan. That dream has come true. Wonderful, attractive, neat and clean prayer hall is built now.  Udghatan Mahotsav is organized to inaugurate the Prayer Hall.

The rituals for Pran-Pratishtha will be performed according to Pancha-Ratra-Shastra by well versed learned Pandits of South India.

As per the tradition of Pratishtha Vidhi Poojan of Murti was performed in Saint-nivas. Murtis were kept in the Yajnashala for further holy rituals which are to be performed in the coming days. Holy recitations and chanting resounded while Poojan & Shobha Yatra.

Incessant Dhoon and Mantra-lekhan were started at Dhoon-mandap by elder saintsThe beginning of non-stop chanting and writing of Mantra has made the atmosphere more sacred. Needless to say, it’s a part of our Gurukul Tradition.

Vedas are the base of  Indian culture and Ved-parayan is the ever part of Gurukul Festivals. Pothi-yatra for Chaturved-parayan was organized to sanctify the occasion. Poojan of four Vedas as well as Ved-Pandits was performed by Yajmans. It was followed by holy recitation of Vedic Mantra (all four Vedas) which filled the whole atmosphere with serenity.

At 2:30pm, Pothi Yatra was organized, in which saints, devotees took an active participation. The most reverent Pujyapad Shree Jogi Swamiji and former Chief Minister of Gujarat Shree Keshubhai Patel inaugurated the three-in-one gate which was looking gorgeous. Sanhita-path of  Shreemad Bhagavat, Shreemad Ramayana & Shreemad Satsangijivan was started on 7th Feb.

Shree Jogi Swamiji and Shree Keshubhai Patel lit up the inauguration lamp along with Sadguru Mahant Shree Devkrishnadasji Swami and Sadguru Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami and other guests. Occasional speeches were delivered by Shree Keshubhai Patel, Shree Amitbhai Shah (Home minister). Elder saints showered their blessings. After the Poojan of Pothi & Orator, Purani Shree Gyanswarupdasji Swami  started Katha of Satsangijivan in his unique way of speaking.

In the 2nd-session Purani Shree Krishnapriyadasji Swami narrated the Katha on Satsangi Jivan with his flair of erudition. Purani Shree Shreehari Swami and Purani Swami Shree Bhaktiprakasdasji bestowed the speech on the relevant matter.

Prof. J.J. Raval, a well known astronomer and scientist of India was one of the dignitaries of the day. Saints welcomed him warmly. He was very impressed with the activities of Gurukul. Moreover he specially arranged for the sky site with a powerful telescope at SGVP. During the Mahotsav devotees enjoyed it.

Ayurved Exhibition : An exhibition showing the importance of various Herbal products was also inaugurated. A range of medicines with Gau-mutra as a base material is one crucial part of it. Research and development work on herbal and Gau-mutra products is in action in SGVP.

Arani-manathan: In the morning, ritual of Arani manthan was performed in the presence of holy saints and Ved-pandits. According to Vidhi stated in scriptures, friction between wood of Arani generates fire which is the holy Agni used in Yajna. In this Mahotsav, there are two types of Yajnas named Pratishatha Yajna and Mahavishnu yag. The pious Agni was generated with the chanting of Dhoon and Ved-mantras. Pious Agni was kept at Yajna-shala with the holy hands of elder saints.

Maha-pooja : Sadguru Shree Gopalanand Swami has bestowed us with Mahapooja vidhi. In this maha-pooja we can perform the poojan of Shreeji Maharaj along with great saints and devotees. In the new prayer hall, an event of 108 mahapooja was arranged. Saints and devotes performed maha-pooja in devotional atmosphere.

New publications : Pujya Devkrishnadasji Swami and Pujya Madhavpriyadasji Swami released new publications of Gurukul as,

-A set of 12 MP3 CDs consisting of collection of narrations of Purani Hariswarupdasji Swami on Vachanamrutam and other subjects.

-A set of 10 VCDs consisting narrations of Puraji Shree Gyanswarupdasji Swami on ‘Vidurniti’.

-A set of 10 VCDs consisting narrations of Purani Madhavjivandasji Swami on ‘Swami ni Vato’.

 Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami, Purani Shree Gyanswarupdasji Swami and Purani Shree Krishnapriydasji Swami narrated the katha on Satsangijivan.

In the second session devotees enjoyed talks from a famous falk-artist Shree Bhikudanbhai Gadhavi.

Mahavishnu Yag : In the morning Mahavishnu yag started with the holy flame from Arni-manthan. In the beginning two Arti-flames from Shrree Laxminarayan Dev – Vadtal and from Shree Narnarayan Dev – Ahmdedabad were honoured by saints. Arti-flames and Arni-manthan flame were worshiped and brought to the Yajna-shala of Shree Mahavishnu Yag. Flame was set in the Yajna-kunds with Vedic mantras. All Yajmanas of Mahavishnu Yag participated in the yajan.

Pratishtha Yag : As a part of Pratishtha Yag, after Jaladhivas, Saints performed Utthapan Aarati and Abhishek with various kinds of  Fruit Juice, Tirth-jal, Panchamrut, etc..

Yagnopavit Sanskar : Upavit-sanskar is one of the important sanskars. 25 Brahmkumars took the upavit today with Vedic rituals. Saints blessed them for devotional life. Parents and guardians became very pleased with this kind of pious and holy rituals.

Mahila Manch : An assembly of Mahila manch was arranged from 01:00 pm to 02:30 pm in holy presence of Sankhya Yogies. Girls of Balika manadal presented drama and other cultural programmes. Sankhya Yogies delivered inspirable speeches.

Chief Minister of Gujarat State : Shree Narendrabhai Modi (CM, Gujarat State) visited the ceremony. Pujyapad Shree Jogi Swamiji blessed him for bright future. He impressed with the balanced education system adopted by Gurukul, as Gurukul emphasises on cultural values along with international representation.

One more audio CD ‘Kiratan Sadhana’ was released from the holy hands of Pujya Madhavpriyadasji Swami.

In the second session, Purani Shree Dharmavallabhdasji Swami delivered occasional speech. Pujya Shree Deviprasadji Maharaj from Andabava Ashram, Jamnagar blessed with his inspirable speech on Shreemad Ramayan.


Ayurvedic camp : As a part of medical services an Ayurvedic treatment camp was arranged. At 09:00 pm camp was inaugurated by Pujya Kothari Swami Shree Harijivandasji Swami. 15 Ayurvedic specialist doctors participated in this camp. They treated for various kinds and rigid diseases. Free medicines were provided by Nimbark Ayurvedic Pharmacy of Mehsana and Amrutarogyam – SGVP.

Treatments with various therapies like Jalanthar, Acupressure, Pranik healing, Gau-mutra etc. were also provided to needy persons. In all 700 persons took benefit of this camp.

Neurology camp : A neurology camp was also organised for the services to people having complains regarding brain and head. Dr. V. Dhaduk one of the best practitioners of USA served the patients. 60 persons took benefit of this camp.

Blessings : A blessing assembly was arranged in the holy presence of Sadguru Mahant Shree Devkrishnadasji Swami and Sagdguru Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami. All Yajmans of Mahotsav, supporters in the construction of Prayer hall and volunteers of the Mahotsav were blessed by elder saints.

In the first session of the day Purani Shree Hariswarupdasji Swami delivered his discourses on Vachanamrutam.

 In the afternoon, Nagar-yatra for all murties from Yajna-shala was arranged in very devotional atmosphere. Along with chariots, horses, other vehicles, Raas, Dhoon etc. Saints leaded Shree Ghanshyam Maharaj, Radha-Krishna Dev, Sita- Ramchandraji, Ganrshji and Kashtabhanjan to the new prayer hall. The ritual-poojan of prarthana-bhanvan pravesh was performed with recitation of Vedic mantras.

In the second session of the day devotees and guests enjoyed the various cultural programmes presented by the students of Gurukul Ahmedabad.

Pratishtha : The day of Vasant Panchami carries much importance for Gurukul family. This is the foundation day of Gurukul at Rajkot. Moreover the birth anniversary of Sadguru Shree Brahmanand Swami and Sadguru Shree Nishkulanand Swami comes on this very day only.

Early in the morning, the day was started with the chanting of Vedic mantras. In the Prayer hall Pandits started with the rituals of pratishta vidhi and Ved-pandits chanted pratishtha-shlokas from all four Vedas.

It was followed by the divine Abhishek of Shree Ghanshyam Maharaj, Shree Radha-Krishna Dev & Shree Sita-Ramchandraji. Abhishek was done with Panchamrutam, Kesar-jal, various fruit juices and medicinal liquids.

Foundation stone :  After the Abhishek foundation stone laying ceremony was performed with the holy hands of Pujyapad Shree Jogi Swamiji and Shree Rameshbhai Oza (Pu. Bhai), a well-known Bhagawat orator. At SGVP Sanskrit study is going in best form. Students from std. VI to MA are getting deep knowledge of our scriptures along with other subject and special computer courses. It needs a special infra-structure full-filling all kinds of requirement for the betterment of the students in various aspects. With this purpose the foundation stone lying was performed from the holy hands of Pujyapad Shree Jogi Swamiji.

This was followed by the Arati of pratishtha. Pujyapad Shree Jogi Swamiji performed the pratishtha Arati. It was a divine and ever memorable Darshan for all devotees.

In the Sabha-mandap the last session of Katha was narrated by Purani Shree Krishnapriyadasji Swami. Yajmans performed poojan and Arati. Well wishers were blessed.

The last Ahuti (Bidu) ritual of Mahavishnuyag was performed in the presence of holy saints. Likewise Purnahuti of Pratishtha -yag was also done with recitation of Vedic mantras.

In the end, devotees had the amazing Darshan of Annkut.  Huge gorgeous prayer hall, divine murties, and marvellous Annkut were of everlasting memories.

Devotees from Villages of Gujarat-Saurashtra- Katchh, Rajkot, Junagadh, Surat, Vadodara, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ranchi, New Delhi, Kolkatta other cities of India and from US, UK, Africa, Canada, Australia and other countries took part in this festival and expressed great pleasure and satisfaction.

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