Pushpadolotsav, Gurukul Ahmedabad, 2011

Pushapdolotsav, a festival of new flowers of spring encourages all living beings with freshness, beauty and fragrance for diligence towards progress. Bhagawan Shree Swaminarayan adorned the celebration with the devotional affect and Gurukul continued the Tradition on the footprints of great saints.On March 20th, 2011 at Gurukul Ahmedabad Pushpadolotsav was celebrated in the holy presence of Pujyapad Shree Jogi Swamiji. Sadguruvrya Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami, Sadguru Purani Swami Shree Bhaktiprakashadasji Swami and elder saints performed the Pooja n and Abhishek of Shree Ghanshaym Marahaj with the plenty of various flowers along with the recitations of Vedic Mantras. Smashing Shower of flowers created the divine sight to preserve long in the life. The holy present of Pujyapad Shree Jogi Swamiji added the unbound enthusiasm in the heart of all present there. With uncaused compassion of Bhagawan Shree Swaminarayan devotees have the warm presence of Pujyapad Shree Jogi Swamiji at the age of 106 years. As a prayer to Almighty Bhagawan Shree Swaminarayan for the healthy and long life of Pujyapad Shree Jogi Swamiji, a great festival under the banner ‘Sadguru Vandana Mahotsav’ is decided to be celebrated during December 25 – 31, 2012 in the 108th Year of Pujya Swamiji. Mahotsav would be the celebration of the long chain of Bhajan, Mantra lekhan at door to door as a prayer to Bhagawan Shree Swaminarayan.Elder saints revealed the banner of ‘Sadguru Vandana Mahotsav, 2012’ and all devotees welcomed it enthusiastically. Door to door Mantra Lekhan and Bhajan is going on since last many months in Gurukul Parivar at various places in India and abroad. Sadguruvarya Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami encouraged spreading the message of Mantra Lekhan more widely for the health and long life of Pujyapad Shree Jogi Swamiji. Entire Gurukul Parivar getting the message gladly welcomed the celebration.Elder saints distributed the Fagava (Prasad on day of Pushpadolotsav, Rangotsav) and showered with the Prasadi flowers to all participants.

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