Rakshabadhan - Gurukul Surat, Chharodi

On the day of Poornima of Shravan is known as Rakshabandhan - the holy festival in India. It is the day of fabulous tie of love and protection. Various religious programmes were arranged specially at Gurukul Surat and other branches of Gurukul.

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Upakarma (Rakshabandhan) - Chharodi, 2003

On the eve of ‘Shravani Poonam’ Rakshabandhan was celebrated in a traditional way on Tuesday the 12th Aug, 2003. At Gurukul Chharodi, for the Brahmakumars of Darshanam Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya, it was the day of significant importance for changing to new Sacred Thread (Yagnopavitam). Hence ‘Upakarma Yajna’ was performed at ‘Yajnashala’.