Satsang Shibir, Rishikesh (08 to 17 Nov-2002)

Early in the morning from 4:00 am devotees were starting the day with Ganga-snan. Afret performing pooja and Darsan from 5:15 am to 6:30 am, there was Yogasan period. Good health and agility in the body are essential for daily and spiritual activities too. Yogasan helps in keeping the body and mind healthy. Participants were practically guided with various yogasans with the explanation of its multiple benefits. Devotees acquired guidance of some good techniques to perform yogasans in this session.

Yogasan period was followed by morning aarti and prayer ‘Hey purna prushottam….’

Nov. 15, The day of Prabodhini Ekadashi, is also known as Dev-diwali, the new year of deities. Today devotees celebrated the New Year very warmly. After completing the pooja in the early morning from 6:00 am to 7:00 am saints and haribhakts wished Happy New Year. Devotees performed dandavat to saints and they embraced mutually with warm feelings. Pujya Gurudev and senior saints also embraced all devotees with warmth and wished New Year for better spiritual life.

From 6:45 am to 7:15 am was the time for Dhyan. Under the practiced guidance of Pujya Devprasad Swami all participants experienced the real pleasure of murti of Shreeji Maharaj. During the first two days, Swamiji explained the easy methods for meditation. Then there was meditation on the Divya murti of Shreeji Maharaj, with all til - chinh (moles and marks). On the 5th day, Nov. 12, an open quiz was organised regarding til – chinh of Shreeji Maharaj. Winners got wonderful chance to have the prasad served in the mouth with holy hands of Pujya Devkrishna swami  and pujya Madhavpriya Swami. In remaining days, there was meditation with ‘Swaminarayan’ mantra. Devotees highly appreciated this session and decided to keep practice of meditation forever.
After Meditation there was a short break for breakfast till 8:00 am.

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