Satsang Yatra US, Gurukul Rajkot

With the blessings of Pujyapad Shree Jogi Swami, Sadguru Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami and saint Mandal are on ‘Satsang Yatra’ of US on the occasion of World Hindi Conference sponsored by Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Government of India and World religion summit and Satsang Vicharan.
For Contact: Pujya Madhavpriyadasji Swami : Mob. 001 973 747 8225
06th July, 2007
Dr. Dhaduk, Shree Dineshbhai Patel (Federation of Indian associations), Shree Sureshbhai Jani, Shree Hirubhai Patel (Chairman, Gujarat Foundation), Shree Bhaveshbhai Dave (Indian Market Federation),other dignitaries and devotees offered a warm welcome to Pujya Swamiji at Airport.
21st July, 2007
Satsang Sabha : Seven Lake,  NY
21st July, 2007
Satsang Sabha : Shiva Shakti Temple, Garfield
28th July, 2007
Satsang Sabha : Chicago 
29th July, 2007
Maha-Pooja on Guru-Poornima : NJ
31st July, 2007
Atalnta Satsang Sabha
Pujya Swamiji narrated the discourses on the importance if Indian culture in current era and great roll of Indian saints in establishing an outstanding culture beneficial to all living beings in the universe. Devitees were highly impressed and expressed the feeling of satisfaction and pleasure.
Shree Yogeshbhai Shastri (A famous Bhagawat Orator, Vadodara – Gujarat) welcomed Swamiji. Shree Dhansukhbhai Dhanani, Sanjaybhai, Deepakbhai Nakrani, Chaturbhai Vasoya, Jagadishbhai Patel, Gordhanbhai Dhanani, Tribhuvanbhai Dhanani, Ratibhai Dhanani, Vasantbhai Gajera, Gauravbhai Rameshbhai Kabariya and other devotees participated enthusiastically.
3rd August, 2007
Satsang Sabha : Royal Albert Palace Hall, NJ
15th August, 2007
Independeice Day Celebration : Hodson County, NJ
16th August, 2007
Satsang Sabha : Harrisburg, NJ
Satsang Sabha at Vadtal-Dham, New Jersey
Satsang Sabha : Vadtal Dham, NJ
19th August, 2007
Satsang Sabha : Northvale ,NJ
04th September, 2007
Janmastami Utsav in Northvale, NJ
Shree Krishna Janm Utsav was celebrated under the chairmanship of Sadguru Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami in the presence of the chief Rabbi Shree David Rozar (The chief Rabbi of Jewish at US) and Shree Baba Jain (General Secretary, World Council of Religious Leaders) and devotees at Ligian Hall, New Jersey.
On this occasion Pujya Swamiji narrated the importance of celebration of birh day of Bhagawan Shree Krishna and described various inspiring Lila (divine deeds) of Bhagawan Shree Krishana. He also said that the harmony between Hindu and Jewish traditions will create the future of the world.
10th September, 2007
California Swaminarayan Temple
29th September, 2007
Honour of Shree Sureshbhai Dalal By AIANA
Shree Suresh Dalal one of the cerebral literary personalities of Gujarati language completed 75 years of his life. American Indian Association of North America (AIANA) took the privilege to honour him in the holy presence of Sadguru Shasatri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami. The function was held at Nicolas Music Theater, New Jersey on 29 September, 2007.
In the beginning of the celebration Pujya Swamiji blessed Shree Sureshbhai for long, healthy and devotional life. Pujya Swamiji said that Sureshbhai is the glory of Guajarat. He has enriched the Gujarati literature in many aspects.
Shree Sureshbhai Jani (Chairman, AIANA), Shree Sunilbhai Naik (President, AIANA), Dr. Vijya Dhaduk, Shree Pinakinbhai Pathak, Shree Chiragbhai Thakkar, Shree Ashishbhai Mehta, Nikubhai Trivedi, Shree Nileshbhai Rana and other dignitaries worked hard for the successful arrangements of the celebration.
In the first session Swamiji, dignitaries of the society and various institutions honoured and conveyed best compliments to Shree Sureshbhai on his Nectar Jubilee. Three books of Shree Sureshbhai were also released on this occasion.
14th October, 2007
Interview by TV Asia
TV Asia, one of the famous TV channels working to nourish the Indian culture in western atmosphere of US. On observing the continuous efforts of Pujya Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami to preserve and propagate the culture of India in elders and new generation Shree H R Shah, President of TV Asia invited Pujya Swamiji for a special interview.
At studio Pujya Swamiji vigorously discussed about the glory and outstanding specialties of Indian culture. Necessity of cultural values in new generation and society as well was also prime subject of discussion.
This discussion was telecasted on October 14th ’07. According to TV Asia it was one of the best responded and beneficial interviews.
With Swamiji, saints and Shree Sureshbhai Jani (Chairman, AIANA), Shree Sunilbhai Naik (President, AIANA), Businessman Shree Hirubhai Patel, Neurologist Dr. Dhaduk, Virjibhai Paghadal, Jamanbhai Jasani were also present at studio of TV Asia.
20th October, 2007
Shraddhanjali Sabha : UK
A sudden departure of Late Kuvarji M Varsani (K M Varsani) has resulted in an irreplaceable loss to the UK Gurukul Parivar. Originally from Samatra village of Kutch he first went to Africa and later on settled in London. He was soon to create a pool of friends. He played active role in various social organisation and functions throughout his life.
From the very first meeting with Shashtriji Maharaj in London, he became his close disciple. Since then he accompanied him in all his visits to UK. He also went with him to America and Latin America.
He was a connecting key for UK Gurukul Parivar. He had always been proud to be associated with the Gurukul and spoke bluntly in its support.
After a minor operation in the hospital he suffered with heart attack on 4th October 2007.
A special Shranddhanjali Sabha was held on Saturday, 20th October 2007 at SKLP Sports & Community Centre.
Pujya Shri Madhvapriyadasjiswami with Santmandal attended the Sabha and consoled the Varsani family and devotees.
 24th October, 2007
Welcome at Airport, Ahmedabad
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