Shreemad Bhagawat Katha-Parayan, Pithavdi ( 02 to 08 Nov -2008)

Pithavdi is a Prasadi village by the visit of Bhagawan Shree Swaminarayan. Great saints also bestowed their grace on village by conducting Satsang and sermons. Many great devotees, seekers from village Pithavadi enhanced the glory of Satsang by Bhajan, Anushthan, Katha-Varta and various celebrations.

With the blessings of Pujyapad Shree Jogi Swamiji and Sadguru Purani Swami Shree Bhaktiprakashdasji Swami, Shree Naranbhai Madhubhai Suhagiya arranged for Shreemad Bhagawat Katha-Parayan in the pious memory of father Shree Madhubhai, Mother Shree Otiba, brother Shree Bhanubhai and sister Shree Manjulaben. Katha was held during 02–08, Nov. 2008.

Sadguru Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami was the chief orator of this Parayan. Shastri Shree Bhaktivedantdasji Swami and Shastri Shree Vedantswarupdasj Swami also delivered the Katha on Bhagawatji. Along with devotees, saints from surrounding places graced the occasion and blessed the Yajman's family.

Pothi Yatra, Shree Ram-Krishna Janmotsav and Goverdhan-lila were the main celebrations during Katha-Parayan. Students of Gurukul Ahmedabad presented cultural events.

Yajman family expressed the feelings of great satisfaction and pleasure with Katha-Parayan.

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