South India Pilgrimage ( 27 Oct. to 14 Nov. -2007)

Pilgrimage - A journey to sacred places is a fastened tradition of great Indian culture. Visit of shrines where Bhagwan performed divine deeds is a source of inspirations to lead a noble and blissful life. Throughout India, numerous such holy places are preserving and bestowing the message for Lord for the success of social and spiritual life. During His Van-vicharan Bhagawan Shree Swaminarayan had wandered in shrines of India for seven years as Nilkanth Varni.
To have the privilege of Darshan and knowledge of various traditions, saints from Gurukul arranged the pilgrimage of shrines in south India and Jagannath Puri, a famous shrine in east India.
Tryambakeshwar, Nasik, Pandharpur, Bijapur, Swarnavalli, Sonda-Asharam, Ekalsrungi-Asharam, Dharmasthala, Belure, Shrungeri, Melukote, Mysore, Halebedu, Shreerang-patana, Shreerang-kshetram, Guruvayur, Varkala, Trivendram, Aadikeshav, Sachindram, Kanyakumari, Tirumalai, Totadri, Madurai, Rameshwar, Shreerangam, Kanchipuram, Perambudur, Tirupati, Jagannathpuri, Sakshi Gopal, Bhuvneshwar, Champaranya were the places travelled during October 27 to November 14, 2007.
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