Tulsi Vivah - Surat, Mumbai, 2003

Lord Shree Swaminarayan Bhagavan had performed Tulsiji-Vivaha 198 years ago in Samvat 1802 at Jetalpur & the villagers of “Gamadi” were the blessed Yajmans.
Gurukul family celebrated Tulsiji-Vivaha on Kartik Sud Pournima, 8th November, 2003 (Samvat 2060)organised by Gurukul Surat.
The interesting fact is that the daughter of Shree Hathiya Patagar, son of Muktaraj Raibai of village Kundal had Lalji in the form of Shreeji Prasadi. In due course of time as per the tradition of the family, Lalji is now with Shree Motubha Kachhar of village Turkha. Many people have approached Shree Motubha for the possession of Lalji by offering a handsome amount which has been flatly refused. The deteriorating health of Shree Motubha does not permit to take care of Lalji in desired way. It is a matter of great pleasure for all Haribhaktas to know that Shree Motubha has donated Shree Lalji to Surat Gurukul, according to whom it is the right place for Shree Lalji.
D.D. 1008 Acharya Maharaj Shree Rakeshprasadji performed the engagement ceremony of Shree Lalji with Tulsiji on Shravan Sud –Dasham, 7th November at Surat.
Shree Dharmanandan Diamond – Surat, Shree Laljibhai (Ugamedi), Shree Tulsibhai Goti, Shree Dhirubhai Kotadia, Shree Dhirubhai Vasoya, Shree Vinubhai Vasoya accompanied by others were from Yajaman Varapaksha(Shree Lalji) while Shree Shivalalbhai Pambhar, Shree Dhanajibhai Akalavala, Shree Nathabhai Sanjanavavavala and other Haribhaktas were Yajaman from Kanyapaksha(Tulsiji).
The bridal procession took off from the Satsang Bhavan located on Varachha road at 4:15 pm. on 8th November. Shree Lalji was taken in a nicely decorated Palakhi  costing more than 1.5 Lakh Rupees followed by Chariots, Bike riders, students & thousands of  devotees. The procession arrived to the site at 7:oo pm.
On a specially decorated Mandap the marriage ceremony was performed by the Brahmins according to the Vedic & Scriptural rituals. Devotees sung the marriage songs scripted by the Nand-Saints. Purani Shree Dharmavallbha Swamiji gave a explanation along the songs. Sdg. Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji narrated the importance of marriage & how to make it successful. Students performed Dance & Ras.
21000 Haribhaktas honoured Prasad at the end of the marriage ceremony & 81 bottles of blood were collected during the camp organized on this auspicious occasion. 
Tulsiji Vivaha was a grand event & memorable too because of the wholehearted efforts & cooperation of Shree Laljibhai (Tori) Shree Kher Sabel Shree Shamaji Bahgat, Shree Ghanshyambhai (Moli), Youths of Satsang Mandal, Haribhaktas, members of Mahila Mandal.
Tulsi Vivah - Mumbai
Mumbai Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul (Vashi, New Bombay) had also organised Tulsiji-Vivah on 9th November.
Shree Lalji was taken in a procession led by Haribhaktas which started from the old temple.
In a beautifully decorated Mandap, the marriage ceremony of Shree Lalji with Tulsiji was performed in a traditional way by Shree Kishorebhai Dave of Rajkot. Songs of Rukmini-Vivaha were sung during the ceremony by the Haribhaktas.
In this wedding ceremony Gujarati-Samaj, Nagher-Samaj, Kachchh Vagad Leva Patel-Samaj, Gayatri-Parivar, Saurashtra Patel-Samaj, Lohana-Samaj, Kapool-Samaj, Vaishnav Seva Mandal, Brahmin-Samaj, Yuva Sevak Sangh Trust, Jain Jagruti Centre, APMC Market - New Mumbai, etc.. seventen association participated.
Shree Shantilalbhai Veni was the Yajman from Var Paksha and Shree Champaklal Gosalia was the Yajman from Tulsiji. On this auspicious occasion, about 50 families participated in Maha-Pooja.
Sdg. Shastri Swami Shree Madhavpriyadasji in his discourse after the ceremony narrated the importance of performing Tulsiji-Vivaha.
More than 3500 devotees from New Mumbai, Dahisar, Mira road  and other places attended this ceremony. Purani Shree Krishnaswarupdasji Swami along with youths of Satsang Mandal had arranged the auspicious occasion very successfully.
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